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Default 86' Z24 No Start

Has been 9 months since I've gotten this engine to start. It has a new alternator, battery, starter, spark plugs and wires, serpentine belt, timing kit, flywheel and center support bearing. I've replaced all these parts myself and it was perfectly fine until I replaced the timing kit.

So when I replaced the timing kit I did not double check to make sure the #1 cylinder was at TDC, so after I replaced the timing components of course everything wasn't aligned as it needed to be. Took it apart many times, came here for advice after struggling with oil pump - distributer alignment, followed a step by step thread on correctly installing the timing components and oil pump, but it still wont start up.

Cant figure out how to upload video here so ill describe the best way I can; as soon as I hook up the battery, my brake lights are on as if someone is stepping on the brakes, that hasn't always happened, idk why it does that now. When I turn the key, she starts turning over and Ill get a "pop" or 2 sometimes as if the engine has spark and is trying to ignite fuel, but it wont "catch its rhythm" and start idling, it'll just keep turning over even if I try to press the gas while turning it over. Its been over 9 months since I've been able to start it, at this point I don't know if the half tank of gas in it is still good gas, and when I drained the oil recently it smells like gas has somehow gotten mixed with it, I've never encountered this last part before and don't even know how that is possible.

How do I fix this?

Also, after realizing I wasn't TDC to begin the process, I took out #1 spark plug and set #1 cylinder TDC, then removed and reinstalled timing components all over again, shouldn't that have corrected that mistake?
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