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Yeah, don't feel bad about that. Often, User Error causes most of these issues, and those are horrible to diagnose because they are never mentioned whenever people describe their problems.

I had 2 of them this year.

In one case, I had to remove the dash on my 2008 Xterra to replace a flapper door during the winter. When summer came and the AC compressor didn't kick in, one shop could not find the issue and was recommending replacing the ECU and fuse panels. I took a step back, realized I had recently pulled the dash apart, look at the work I had done, and found an electrical connector under the dash that did not get connected.

In another case, I was replacing tail lights and trying to do Res' blinker mod at the same time. Every time I turned on the blinkers, the fuse would blow. I pulled all of the front end of the truck apart looking for the error, but I couldn't find anything. It turned out that I had put the wrong bulb in the rear turn signal.
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Originally Posted by jp2code View Post
It turned out that I had put the wrong bulb in the rear turn signal.
Yea, all you described is what we called an ID-10-T error in the IT world. I perform these errors all the time. It's the "humanity" in me, I guess...

Factory Service Manuals: https://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/Hardbody/
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