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Originally Posted by Balkins View Post
Thanks Man...

Yes...we did that testing...but not the ECM test.
What a pain in the Arse !

I'm seriously considering selling this year truck and looking for a OBDII system. I feel sorry for the mechanics and end-users of the OBDI system... its like i'm reading / looking for smoke signals with the flashes, etc.----not to mention the location of it. My Ass and knees are scabbed !
I would not blame you a bit. I owned a few pre-96 hardbody trucks. Most were single cab trucks. Once I got my hot little hands on a 96-97 model in king cab, a lot of problems just....went away...

Nothing like being able to plug in a code reader into that port down by your fuse box, and being able to stuff mass things behind your seat. Another bonus is that on the driver's side, you can put the seat back SO far...you can realistically sleep in it.

If you can get one in four wheel drive...so much the better. But on the other side of that coin, 4WD in these things is a bit overrated. You would NOT believe where I could take my 97 four banger in two wheel drive. You just need a little more weight in the bed. Like your camping gear for example. Also, two wheel drive there is a lot less to worry about, and to fix. How I got around all that was to install 15 inch wheels instead of the stock 14's and put really good tires on it. There wasn't a Forest Service road I couldn't conquer easily, two wheel drive or not. It went anywhere I pointed the steering wheel.

I have said here a couple of times that I sold my 97 in favor of an Xterra I got on the cheap that was reasonable miles and in nice shape. (Seller was desperate for money, could not pay his rent) Sold the truck below for just over five thousand and got the Xterra for a paltry three. I love that Xterra. And I made two grand profit on the whole deal.

But I still miss my truck. Yes, I do. Maybe ditch that 94 and start searching for a 96-97 king cab.


2009 Xterra, 4.0 liter, automatic, 4WD.

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