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Originally Posted by SBJ View Post
You'll probably be fine to wait until summer to do it, but it's definitely getting to be time to replace it again. Keep an eye on the coolant level though, you don't want to it to run low and overheat. That V with the bolt hole is actually part of the oil pump housing. A new oil pump would fix it but TBH I wouldn't worry about it as long as the crank pulley isn't rubbing against the timing cover. The oil pan has to come down to replace the pump and if you're 4WD it's a lot of work. FWIW I did this same job on a pathfinder last summer and the belt had been on there for over 16 years and just over 100K miles. It was old and in need of replacement but hadn't started cracking yet.

It's not a bad job at all, just take your time and triple check that all the marks still line up afterwards. Usually after that I'll start the engine for a few seconds, just to make sure it's good before putting everything back together.

I always like to put them on text out when replacing them, so that you can read it looking at the engine from the front. That way I never have to remember which way they went on originally.

Also, Bando makes the OE belts for these trucks. You can get them from Rockauto relatively inexpensively. No need to go to the nissan dealership for those.
That was my next question. I have a great Mechanic since I live in a small town where word spreads but I wanted to make sure I get the best belt I can get. After that it's all downhill with a tune up, shocks and brakes. I can finally get around to a new seat and a light kit
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If you are going to get the timing belt replaced, do all of the other stuff for your truck at the same time. Trust me, it will be like you have a new engine.

Here is a list that I feel is comprehensive for a timing belt job for a 2002 Nissan Xterra with the VG33e V6. It includes a lot of extra parts, but it only comes to an extra $50 or so.

2002 Nissan D22W Xterra VIN 5N1ED28T72C501193 (K2)

A/C Pulley $25.86

P/S Pulley $18.66

Fuel Filter $6.32

Japanese Timing Belt Kit $160.00

Alternator Belt $11.85

P/S Belt $10.16

A/C Belt $14.83

RTV for Water Pump $5.49

Lower Thermostat Hose $11.28

Lower Radiator Hose $9.59

Upper Radiator Hose $10.44
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As long as we're on the parts train here...the belt tensioner is NSK part# 60TB0732, and it can be had on Amazon for ~$30.


I'm putting this up here for my own reference as much as anyone else's. Come summertime I will hopefully be the owner of a 1994 pathfinder, beater edition. When I did the belt on it last year I used a Gates kit, mostly because the price was right. The belt itself is fine but I have my doubts about how long the cheap Chinese tensioner and water pump will last.
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