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Default Having a real hard time fixing m tf truck p

Im not sure what is related, but here is my whole story....

A year and a half ago i had a bad metallic ratteling sound coming from the front if the truck. I drove it around for a while and it got worse. My brother came over who is a real mechanic and we opened up the valve cover and saw the timing chain tentioner was rumbling around in there jn half! We did it in my front yard and man it sucked. We replaced the oil pump , water pump, did new gaskets and replaced the timing chain, hr did the retiming. It started. ack up but therr wtas still a mettallic rattle. I ended up working out of state and didnt drive that truck for a year and a half. I was kind of over it.

Now im tryin to get it running for a job injust got. I drove it around and the noise came back. First it overheated... i fixed that. Then , in rrying to fix the rattle, i replaced the center bearing on the drive shaft...still rattle. Then i replaced the power steering pump....it needed it , but still rattle. I listenednto the pullies with a stethascope...still rattle.

I asked around and i got....
Its the lifters
Its the timing chain...no oil pressure
Its pre ignition ping
Its oil pressure

So i pressed on the lifters and no play, we put the trucknin 1st and rolled it to get the cams high point off the rockers for that. changed the oil to 10 30 and filter to nissan orm filter. But i arced out on the alternator getting the filter off. I hooked up an oil pressure guage and now it wont start.

Starter tested , and is good
Alternator tested, and is good
Relays near battery tested and are good, the four insidebthe cab are untested
Fuses good
Wire/fuse things near battery cable have contiinuity
Spark test, good
All wires checked over and are plugged in
Truck turns and turns and turns over with distributer cap off, but once its on its turns over maybe 2 or 3 times and stops...no ignition, just stops
Battery light is on
Crankshaft position sensor was on, but for the past two days while driving it around(happened when i forgot to plug in air filter connector when i went to emissions(dummy)

Please help, ive been trying to figure thisnout since last week and i have a job starting monday where i need it. Anything helps, ive been outside getting murdered by mosquitos for 14hours at a time for the past 5 days trying tonfix it
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I hate to sound rude, but your typing is hell to read. Could you fix it? I don't want us assuming some of the stuff you wrote.

I am inclined to say that you didn't get the distributor lined up correctly. I have never worked on a KA24e engine, but I see that problem on here a LOT! Apparently, it is easy to miss.

The rattle noise is most likely a tired spring in the timing chain tensioner. When the spring doesn't press the tensioner all the way out, there is slack on the chain and that makes a lot of noise. Sometimes going with a thicker weight oil will patch it up for you for a short time and sometimes going with a Nissan oil filter will solve that slapping problem, but both are just band-aids for a worn out tensioner spring. To fix it, you need a TIMING CHAIN KIT. It will come with the tensioner spring.

I think you mentioned listening to pulleys with a stethoscope, but you never said what the outcome was. There are idler pulleys that can be replaced if their bearings are making a lot of noise.
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Did you check the fuse links at the battery? Time to remove the seat and put the ECM in code read mode.
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