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Default EVAP Volume Control Valve test

Hi Guys,

I have a request…

If someone can perform the following test on their EVAP Canister Purge Volume Valve and post their result here. I would greatly appreciate it!

I have a stubborn P1447 code that keeps popping up. But when I connect my code reader and clear the code. All Loops close, EVAP included, but the EGR and CAT stay open and keep the MIL, CEL, SES, THE FUCKING CHECK ENGINE LIGHT STAYS ON.

The CEL comes on between 1-41 mi. after the code was cleared.

So if anyone is so inclined. Here is the test:

1.) Engine is off initially
2.) Unplug the 6 pin harness connector from the EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Valve
3.) Disconnect the rubber hose at the EVAP Canister Purge Control Valve(straight hose) that comes from the 3-Port/3-Leg EVAP Canister Purge Control Valve
4.) Start the engine and let the engine idle only ; NO REVVING OF THE ENGINE DURING THIS TEST
5.) Place a finger over the open port of the EVAP Control Valve and then lift and cover, lift and cover the open port to test for vacuum coming from the port about 3-4x to get a feel for vacuum or not
6.) Once the test is complete. Turn the engine off and plug the harness connector back in and reattach the hose and clamp
7.) Post your result here, please

I have read the FSM and tested my EVAP Control Valve and have my results. But I wanted to ask the members here for a comparison and see if what I’m getting matches or opposes what any member that performs this simple test sees from their component.

Finally, I don’t know if it matters. But I would preferably have a member that has a 1996-1997 model D21. I realize these trucks use a lot of the same parts. But for accuracy, if possible, a 1996-1997 D21 is preferred.

Thanks Guyz!

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I don't seem to have the 6-pin harness that you are asking about, so I don't know how to proceed.

While talking about the Purge Canister, the top of mine has a YELLOW dot that says DIST:

Is that supposed to go to something on the Distributor???? Mine goes to the throttle body intake, but only because that was the only place I saw nearby to connect it.
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Vehicle: 1997 XE King Cab with 3 pedals, KA24E & 2WD, Y’all
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Thanks JP!

One line stays connected to the throttle body. The other connects to the EVAP Control Valve(3-legged valve in your photo).

But you have a V-6 engine. I don’t know if this would help me. Since your engine is different.

Maybe though. Maybe.

I reworked some components I explained in the other thread “Help me with this simple test”. dvd29 and Reserector replied. But their systems are gutted. I have CA emissions and testing. So the system has to be fully intact.
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never mind.

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