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Default I can't get my compression rod bolts into place. What am I missing?

I have replaced the bushings, sleeves and washers (Moog), and also the compression rod with new nuts (Nissan) but I can't get all of the bolts into place. I can get any two, but not at once all of the three (two at the LCA and one at the frame). I've tightened the rod end bolt to pull the other two holes into the right distance, but only one will line up longitudinally at a time. On the passenger side, I have the two LCA bolts in, but the compression rod sleeve will not now slide back in because the rod is hard against the side of the frame hole. The driver's side has the rod/bushings/washers in place and the end bolt is through the LCA, but the other bolt will not line up longitudinally. I've tightened, loosened, pried, clamped, twisted, jacked up, and lowered all to no avail. What am I doing wrong besides everything so far?

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Are you tightening any of the bolts/nuts? You should install them all very loosely before tightening any of them. Final torque should be with weight on the wheels.
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You have to wrestle with it until it goes together. I used a big pry bar as persuasion lol
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try jacking up the hub too. helps with alignment as the arm swings through its radius
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I remember fighting with mine as well. A tapered alignment bar, clamp, porta-power, the mechanical bottle jack that comes with the truck, whatever it takes. If you get a hole partially lined up, stick a smaller bolt in it temporarily so you don't lose ground.
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