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Default Load index

Looked everywhere and could find any info. I have a 86 720 that is bagged with 18" rims and 225/40/18 tires with a load index of 92. They r way to big for the truck so I bought 17" Denali wheels. I wanted to put a 215/40/17 tire but no one will put them on because the load index isn't high enough (87 is the highest I've found). My question is
1-what is the factory load index for the 720's
2- what do u guys do about running low profile tires with a lower load index than is required. Thanks in advance
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I can't answer your question. But a slammed 720 doesn't weigh anything. Take your loose wheels and tires to a different shop. I never bring the vehicle if I am running a non standard tire because sometimes you get a by the book guy making 11.00 an hour that wants to flex his authority.
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The load index has to do with how much weight the tire will safely carry. A tire with an 87 will handle 1201 pounds. The factory tire for most 720 2wd should have been a 185/75/14 with a load index of at least 88 at 1235 pounds.

Now this assumes that you intend on using your truck as a truck hauling at its max capacity. I ran 215/40/17 on my D21 for years with no problems. And I have loaded the hell out of it from time to time. If your 720 is more of a driver than a hauler you should have no problems with the tires. And you can overload your tires occasionally for a limited time at speeds up to 35 mph for short distances just don't make a habit out of it.

As far a mounting them djs has the right idea. Take them to a tire shop off the truck and don't tell them what they are going on. Or take them to a smaller shop and stay away from the large chain type shops.
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