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Powder Wash Kid
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Default altitude

From what I am reading a lot of you guys are scrapping your butts on the ground. Pretty trucks! Can you direct me to threads about raising trucks. I'm looking for wheel travel and a lot of it. Lots of dirt roads with large rocks and in winter....SNOW! What can you tell me?
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two options, crank the torsion bars, and lift kits, suspension and/or body.

the kits to do some of this stuff are seeming to become somewhat rarer as days go by however. i've been noticing the bookmarks for that stuff seem to be slowly turning up 404s with no page to be found to update them.

if you have a 2wd, stick with torsion bars if you want some lift, maybe a set of raised rear spring shackles.

full lift setups are for the 4wd models. just to be sure things are understood if you didn't already.

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I believe that the 4wd kit from Rough Country is under $400 for everything, shackles, UCA and shocks plus hardware. Only thing is a lift kit will not add wheel travel.

The rear already has a good bit of travel, especially down travel. The front is pretty limited unless you start doing crazy fab work and on a 4wd the CVs dont like steep angles.
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The Gear Jammer
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i wouldnt mind dropping mine a couple of inches. but the again im not too sure how far down it can go and still use the 14 inch wheel. i love the original chrome rims and i wont change them. i have 9 LOL a full set of 5 on the truck and 4 more for the 86 1/2. i need to source a couple of more from the pull a part for spare rims.

i have the 5th chrome one on my blue truck. if i have a flat and i gotta go through the pain in the ass of getting that tire out from under the bed, it will be on the truck for a little while. and with a matching wheel as a spare, it wont set my OCD radar off LOL

some shit just drives me crazy. and non matching rims do just that.
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lift kit wont get you wheel travel if your going to do some serious off road or crawling you need to look into doing a SAS now you have 2 more options with that.

Options being leaf springs which I'm sure you can get the brackets needed and do chevy truck springs. Now that will get you some travel for sure.
Also you can 4 link and do a coilover suspension very pricey can find some cheaper ones I'm sure of that. That will give you the most wheel travel of all.

Now one other is doing a frame swap but that's if your a true hardcore Nissan guy and want a BEAST MODE truck.
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