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Default I don't know what I need em for, but I need em.

That's what I said to my wife today when we walked into the Radio Shack during their going out of business sale and I found out that the electronic components were going for 90% off, plus an additional 50% if you bought 5 or more.

I spent $50 and got a nice pile of relays, resistors, PNP and NPN transistors, LED's, terminal jacks, little round PCBs, etc. I'm happy.

91 D21 4x4 Base model 4cyl 5 spd man, Standard Cab
VIN: 1N6SD11Y5MC411158

What I've done:
Screwed my timing up.
Replaced my hub after the bearings exploded.
Clutch Master and Slave cylinders.
Idler arm (replaced with a Moog).
Brake Master Cylinder and Power Booster.
Moog Ball Joints
Grant Steering Wheel (yeah, that one. Do they only make one good one?)
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yeah i got a few odds and ends at one here when it closed last month. i got a kiler deal on a precision screwdriver set. more than half off. suits me lol
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uggh i keep forgetting to check ours!!!!
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Are they all closing down?
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I got a bunch of arduino stuff and some solar panels from the one around here. Good deals.
1986.5 SE-V6 4X4 D21 Hardbody
Pacesetter Long Tube Headers
Morimoto Mini D2S HID Projectors and Hella 500s
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Originally Posted by JOHN92 View Post
Are they all closing down?
Yes sir, nationwide there going under. Sad sad days. I didn't visit the local store much, but when I did, it was for something only they carried that I needed pronto.
Spending money I don't have on parts I don't need to impress people I don't know.
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Midnight Tech
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Both our mall locations were in the first round of closures...wish I had gotten in there to get a 100 ft. roll of wire...
"Off To See the Lizard"... courtesy of J. Buffett
"Project NX" aka "Hector" - 86.5 D21 Hardbody ... with a slight drop in its future...

Out of Round Tuits....
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