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Default T-Belt Install, what would you do?

I am working on a '96 Mercury Villager (a Nissan Quest) w/the FWD 3.0 V6.

I am using a Gates belt kit. It has the lines on it for the crank mark, and the cam marks.

Before removal, I set the motor w/the crank to TDC w/the dimple in the crank's T-belt "gear" lined up w/the notch in the oil-pump. I noticed that the front, (driver's side in a D21) cam was a little bit retarded from the mark and marked the distributor's rotor spot (btw, it is real close to being in the middle of it's adjustment slot. I also marked the rear cam w/a Sharpie.

I installed the new belt, which is marked w/lines that coincide w/the marks on the 3 cogs/gears.

The front cam is not in the same spot as before, when I took it apart, it seems like it is 1 tooth advanced as the cam is now advanced from the mark and advanced from where it was when I took it apart.

I turned the motor 2 turns, same thing. I turned it back to where it was. I can't see the rear timing marks....but my Sharpie marks line up (it is in the same spot as when I took it apart).

I loosened the dizzy...I can not get the sharpie mark, from the "Old" timing to line up, it lacks about 1/16" of being able to do it. The dizzy is turned all the way in the slot.

What I think that I am gonna do is disregard the lines for the front/driver's cam. That would put the dizzy back in the same spot as before and retarded from the marks (like it was when I took it apart).

Would you do that?

BTW, 43, I think, grooves from the crank mark to the cam mark, as it is right now. That is with the T-belt's lines lined up.

I just tried, I can not get it to load a picture.

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