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Default Headliner material?

Where's the cheapest place to get decent fabric for my headliner?
From an online headliner material store, or from B&M fabric store? Or someone said walmart has some that will work.
I think maybe if buying online I'd have to buy two yards(?), whereas from the local fabric store I could get 1 1/2 yards. It's a King Cab.
Was looking here:

Also, would it be better to spray all the material and board at once, or just do each in halves? I'll be doing it by myself.
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You should use a medium thickness fabric. Online will be fine but you cant tell how thick it is. I made the mistake before of using thin material on a civic once from walmart and it sagged soon after and also you could see spots where too much glue was sprayed.mind you too thick will be hard to work corners and also get wrinkles out.

Also I would give the whole board a spray and let it tack up a little bit and spray the material little bit by little bit slowly working it all on and wrinkles out
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The local fabric store by my house had "headliner fabric" which was the typical oem style fabric you would find in a car, which was $12 a yard but also extra wide.

For mine i used fake neoprene for mine
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Shady, I used regular thin suede on a couple cars in the 80's and it worked great. Maybe you used too much glue? You just need a thin coat on both surfaces. But back then, there was no internet, so no place to buy headliner fabric cheaply (or at all that I was aware of). So that's why I was asking about it here. If the price was about the same, I would use stuff labeled as headliner fabric (from online or a fabric store), but I stopped by JoAnn fabric/craft store and they had some suede $10/yard, then 50% off right now, so I'll just try it. Didn't see anything labeled as headliner fabric there (but I didn't ask). I'll ask before I buy the other (didn't have my dimensions yet to buy it). FYI, my factory headliner is around/just under 47"x47".
Also someone mentioned that the suede won't give enough to fill in the contours of the headliner board. True? The Frontier's does have quite a bit of height differences to it around the visors. None of the headliners I did before did.

For adhesive, I'll be using 3M Hi-Strength 90.

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I went to the local fabric store and found some material that looked almost like headliner. Its been a while so i couldnt tell u exactly what it was. Had a thin layer of foam on one side and black material on the other. Went to walmart and got a big can of the Gorilla Glue. All i did was clean off the old headliner material, spread the glue, and carefully laid the material over it and let it cure. Just keep pushing the material down into the corners until the glue sets. Of coarse ur gonna need to take the headliner out before u do all this. I'm guessing u can use what ever material u want as long as its durable enough so the glue wont seep through it and it wont tear easily if anything touches it.
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the 3M carpet/headliner spray adhesive also works really well. i have used it on both door panels and on sagging GM headliner repairs.
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I went to a local fabric store spent about 40 bucks, the trick is don't try to glue the whole headliner in one spray, do half at a time and coat the board and the headliner lightly.
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Jumping in here, very late, sorry to resurrect the post! What about for the hardbodys that used the bow style headliner? No board, just 3 rods.
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I would recommend trying to find a newer regular cab truck that has the hard headliner board and swapping it into your truck along with all the trim pieces. If I were in your shoes and wanted to keep the rod style headliner I would get an upholstery shop to do it.
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