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Default Can the shaft fit in a 12 ton press carrier bearing

Does anyone know if the shaft can fit in the length of 12 ton harbor freight press to install the carrier bearing on 94 hb rwd?

Thanks got tranny rebuit and clutch for 1300$ TX

I got 28" of room with bar laying at the bottom of the press..
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I have the 12T press and did the carrier bearing on my 98 Frontier KC earlier this year...similar 1st shaft lengths for the MT. Unfortunately, while I recall using it to do work on the driveshaft because I had it apart for an axle swap, I don't remember the full extent I used the press.

I do recall using the press to remove the bearing at least once, having removed it twice—once for the original, and another after realizing a shim was missing and needed. At least in the second case, the u-joint would've been off when I had it on the press.

However, I'm pretty sure that didn't use the press to install the bearing either time. I believe I just put a light smear of hub grease on the shaft and splines, lightly seated the bearing, put the splined yoke on (a.k.a. companion flange), and took a dead blow hammer to the yoke a little. I don't recall it needing much effort...in fact, I definitely recall slinging cuss words when I realized how easy it was to get the bearing installed before realizing that it wasn't going to be as easy to remove it. Anyway...I used the old nut and an impact gun to ensure bearing and yoke were fully seated, then replaced the old nut with the new one.

That all said, I don't think you'll need the press for install, but if you measure 28" of space, the service manual for a 94 HB says the 1st shaft was 26"-27", spider to spider, depending on which engine you have. That assumes, the u-joints are apart, of course.
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i installed and removed mine without a press. and since i got the shithouse amazon bearing, i had to do it like 15 times. just used a dead blow and a piece of wood + a little grease. the old one fell off. like....FELL off.
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