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Originally Posted by SBJ View Post
My bad, I must have misunderstood. Are you talking about the shims on the outside the axle housing, behind the brake drums/backing plates? From what I understand those are for setting the rear wheel alignment.
Actually, they are for the axles to the carrier. The ring gear is set by shifting the carrier left/right to the pinion. Thus the axles need to be shimmed to proper depth of the carrier.
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the lines look hand bent and janky. you know when you see something and go "oh. yah. a pro didnt do that. hmm....WOULDN'T do that"
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Would love to see some pics.

Brake lines can be replaced for cheap. I’ve use ready-to-bend pre-flared tubes for both my disc swaps...about $10 for both lines. A cheap bending tool and some other round objects make it easy.
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