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Well… how did they turn out?!
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This is where I got all 4 of my Hitachi injectors:

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I have some gummy injectors on my VG30i as well and was thinking of sending them for a clean+rebuild at this place: https://www.motormanfuelinjection.com/contact.html
They specifically mention doing injectors for our trucks. Plus $30 each isn't bad if you're stuck with downtime anyways. I'll be shipping them out in a week or two if I don't have any luck with Seafoam.
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I’ve used www.witchhunter.com in the past with good results. Looks like their price is $23 per injector.

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Originally Posted by FP3 View Post
Well after a bunch of fuss i got it running. The rockauto injectors seem to be fine. My problem wound up being the ecm. Now to track down why the Speedo, gas gauge and temp gauge don’t work. More fun! Hahaha
Pull the cluster. You'll see how they connected everything... BUT, be gentle. Those 35+YO wires can't always take much abuse.

edit: please update your D21 info, in your profile, to reflect 4cyl or V6 and 2 or 4WD. Thanks.

. . . Factory Service Manuals: https://www.nicoclub.com/nissan-service-manuals
Originally Posted by Deerhurst
What he is saying is the aerodynamics of a D21 is a brick in the wind.
Probably at least as bad as a Jeep so worse than a cow.
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Speedo is mechanical. See the sticky in this sub. That's probably what's broke.
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