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Default vg30e ignition miss

Hello! I'm having a problem with my 92 D21 V6 manual 4x4 SE king cab. it has developed what feels like a strong ignition miss. The higher the gear im in or the more load its under, it seems to feel worse. but it can be felt in all gears under all loads. When the problem first appeared it would come and go like a light switch...on or off. Now its doing it pretty much all the time, cold or hot. I've replaced the coil with a new one because I was "sure" that had to be it...it wasn't. I also replaced the plug wires but that also made no difference.. The plugs and dist cap and rotor only have a couple thousand miles on them and still look new. I pulled the three plugs i can easily get to and they look great. I swapped out the MAF and TPS with boneyard parts and no change. I realize they could also be bad. It starts perfectly every time, cold or hot. It revs all the way to redline as it should. I've checked the primitive computer for codes and it showed 55, all good. I'm stumped. Given all that, I'd love to hear any advice from anyone who has experienced anything like this or may have ideas that I haven't thought of.
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