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Originally Posted by 89'HBV6 View Post
Yea, my 1st machine was a Kaypro 8088... if you remember the name. They were quite short lived. Believe this was 86' or so. Got out in the early 2k's, fast advancements and I let "the kids" take over. (probably you, lol)

So, ever seen one of these?!? He's gotta be 30+ years old... Got him in the 90's. (...of LAST CENTURY!) Can't say that I've seen anyone else with one of these.

Remember the commercials? Yep, it was the 90's also... there are a bunch, here are some.

Dude I actually lost my shit when I saw the intel man. Like oscillated in my seat so much the bolts came loose. Mad respect! I have a floppy disk tattoo with a bit of a joke written on it "Installation disk 1 of 12" but every other kid my age thinks it's the f$cking save icon of course. You Nissan folk never seize to amaze me! Some of the most educated folks on here.

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