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They could either fail locked or unlocked. If they fail unlocked, you can't use 4x4 because your axle isn't locked to the hubs. If they fail locked, your wheels are stuck locked to the axle, but you can still shift the transfer case into 2 wheel driver The drawback is that you are putting more wear on the axles and front diff and adding a bit more resistance by having them spin, but it shouldn't leave you stranded. I've been known to just shift out of 4x4 and leave the hubs locked for a quick road trip back to camp, rather than stopping the whole crew so I can get out and unlock my manual hubs.

FWIW, I was having issues with my stock auto hubs disengaging occasionally and went with Warn Premium manual hubs (Part #28739). They have been great and problem free. The only drawback is the you or your passenger need to jump and out engage / disengage them when you are going to put it in 4x4. I definitely prefer knowing for certain that they are locked or unlocked.
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