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Default Stumble troubleshooting advice

I’m having a bastard of a time tracking down this intermittent stumble in my V6 so I need to pick some brains.
  • It only happens when under light acceleration or cruising; doesn’t do it coasting under power, idling, or under heavy acceleration.
  • It seems to only do it around about 3k RPM.
  • It does it both cold and hot with no seeming change in frequency.
  • It happens very quickly, often a couple times in succession. Not enough to cause the tach to jitter even.
  • It also does it while cruise is active and doesn’t seem to affect its performance.

I have replaced many vacuum hoses and couldn’t find a leak using smoke. The O2 sensor has been replaced. I cleaned the MAF while the manifold was off the truck. All the injectors are brand new and have brand new o rings and seals. The distributor is new, the spark plugs are new, and the plug wires are new. Any thoughts?

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