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Hello there,
I'll try to help you out with telling you what I did on my 2WD that I wanted to lift, not drop ( I have cars for that nonsense) There is not a lot of info for us guys with 2wd and lifting.

First I have an 86 2WD V6, AT, standard cab.

I went with bigger tires 255/70R16, only about 1/2 larger than you have.
3 1/2 inch's bigger than the factory size.

Suspension wise I did the Calmini 3inch lift kit. Comes with upper control arms but they don't give any lift, they just correct the alignment after you crank up the torsion bars. The kit comes with larger Sway-a-way T-bars 27.5mm, So yes cranking them up will make the ride stiffer but higher spring rate.
The rear comes with leaf spring inserts and shackles to lift the back. I have both and don't have any driveline angles issues.

With adding the kit I still have almost no travel until I hit the bumpstops on the upper frame location. I swapped the factory bump stops out and added some Ultra Low Bump Stop from Energy Suspension 9.9132G and also added some ball joint spacers (0.5 inch to achieve enough lift and travel to feel safe.

The shocks that come with the kit are garbage and needed to be replaced in 6 months(cheap china crap) I upgraded to a set of rancho RS7000 and are great and helped the ride quality a bunch.

BTW I also have 1.5 inch each spacers on all 4 wheel hubs to clear rubbing issues on the inside of the frame when full lock on the wheel.

Overall I'm really happy with the setup. The ride is generally smooth and good just over rough roads can be a little "stiff" feeling but not killer.
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