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Originally Posted by Deerhurst View Post
Snow with the wrong vehicle is even more fun! Even put cookie trays under the rear wheels of a fwd car and spin around in circles?
I learned to drive in the snow... Colo Spgs in the mid-80's, mall parking lot with no "stoppers" and 2-3" of "white stuff". That was a really Dry/Light snow. Fun times! Had a Toy Starlet (FWD) and an 80' Subaru (FWD/4X)... and learned early about AWD/4X...

Never did the cookie trays. Wanted to know I had control and how to correct for odd things. No cookie trays on the roads... just other id-10-t's!
. . . Factory Service Manuals:
Originally Posted by Deerhurst
What he is saying is the aerodynamics of a D21 is a brick in the wind.
Probably at least as bad as a Jeep so worse than a cow.
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