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Originally Posted by cyclicoyster View Post
I see...well the hitch i got needed the brackets..which hitch is this? Really appreciate the pictures though.
Ah...I see the disconnect. Is yours the Draw-Tite 75186? I'm seeing the pics and instructions at for it, and I see that it uses the bracket on the long-bed install.

That's weird...haven't seen that before, and I'm struggling to trust it. Those brackets are so weak...they bend and buckle at the slightest bump. I've been rear-ended before, and they're designed to just buckle downward. Not sure I could trust the hitch incorporating them, especially with only 2 direct attachments to the frame.

Mine's a Class-III Hidden Hitch from about 15 years ago...I don't think it's available any more. It's similar to the Curt 13831 in that it attaches to the bottom of the frame, but where the Curt uses only 6 bolts to attach (it doesn't use the bumper bracket or bracket holes), mine uses 4 bolts plus another 6 that sandwich the frame between the bumper bracket and a plate that came with the hitch.

The main catch here as that these versions have the mounting plates extending further away from the hitch's crosstube, which allow for full frame attachment. This is the style in my head that wouldn't need the bumper brackets. I wasn't aware the DT style existed.

It looks like your truck may also have a roll pan or not have a bumper. If it has a roll pan, would the brackets interfere with that? Are you just looking to add a hitch and not a bumper? If you just need brackets for the sake of mounting your hitch and not a bumper, I have a CNC plasma table and could cut some 3/16" or 1/4" plates out.

Otherwise, if returning the hitch is an option, I'd consider that. The Curt is a far better option in my opinion, but the DT style probably sufficient depending on what you're pulling. If you do have the factory "roll pan", I'd expect the Curt option to clear it without issue, too.
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