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Default OEM or replacement cat converter question

I was talking to Delvin about the exhaust system and pipe sizes etc. He said the pipe size reduces coming out of the cat from 2" to 1.75". You can obviously see the pipe at the output flange is smaller,

My question is, has anyone seen or measured the actual output size of the OEM cat converter or a replacement direct fit (with flanges) cat converter?

I will be ordering a new direct fit cat this Friday and the Walker part from Rockauto looks like the in and out are the same size.

Going to e-mail Walker to see if they can give me the specs on the cat as they are not listed on the website.

If the output is the same as the input (2" or larger) I will try to have a 2" pipe attached to a flange I have laying around. I want to keep all the pipe the same size. 2". The muffler I will be using is a SS Borla 2", and I plan on ordering the Walker mandrel bent 2" tailpipe.

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