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I hate to sound rude, but your typing is hell to read. Could you fix it? I don't want us assuming some of the stuff you wrote.

I am inclined to say that you didn't get the distributor lined up correctly. I have never worked on a KA24e engine, but I see that problem on here a LOT! Apparently, it is easy to miss.

The rattle noise is most likely a tired spring in the timing chain tensioner. When the spring doesn't press the tensioner all the way out, there is slack on the chain and that makes a lot of noise. Sometimes going with a thicker weight oil will patch it up for you for a short time and sometimes going with a Nissan oil filter will solve that slapping problem, but both are just band-aids for a worn out tensioner spring. To fix it, you need a TIMING CHAIN KIT. It will come with the tensioner spring.

I think you mentioned listening to pulleys with a stethoscope, but you never said what the outcome was. There are idler pulleys that can be replaced if their bearings are making a lot of noise.
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