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Originally Posted by Salsapants27 View Post
Ok. Looks like I'm on the hunt for a new compressor! Appreciate the help!

AC should have enough pressure to "close" the pressure switch before 1 can of refrigerant (don't add any sealer or refrigerant containing sealer, you can run the entire system).

So after adding that 24 oz., time to turn on the engine AND AC and blower fan, and test to see if 12-14 volts positive is getting to the compressor to activate (engage) the AC electric clutch.

If not, temporarily rig up a wire with in-line fuse and touch the compressor wire to battery positive terminal, and see if that engages the AC clutch and the compressor starts turning.

Stuff like a bad switch, bad bower resistor can easily prevent voltage from reaching your compressor. Just don't "throw parts at it" !!!!
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