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Default Found my 36mph vibration!

Damn it's been a LONG 3 months chasing this thing.
I've changed bearings out twice, and last time on teh passenger side I found the grease seal spring (in addition to the existing seal/spring) on the spindle.
I had already done drivers side and the clip went on, passenger side it did not.

But I still had the vibration so tonight I tore the drivers side back off, and was dissappointed I did not find it - initially.....cleaned that spindle and kept feeling and VOILA.............

I know who did this and I will never take my truck back there, but if it was me it was a hard lesson learned....but $3000 later and everything on my truck is smooth as GLASS now....every suspension component, driveshaft, everything....just a few minor things under the hood and she's good as new.

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