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Default New H4 headlight plugs

I found these headlight plugs about a week ago online, made by Hella, they are unique as they have 3 spring loaded push button's that you press in than insert the stripped end of a the wire into each hole, the spring (powerful, I could hardly press the button in !), holds the wire in place.

I tried one inserting a 10 gauge wire into one opening, 10 gauge as that is what I rewired my headlights using for the high output bulbs and double relay, it works very good, I also put a bulb into it and it holds onto the bulb terminals very firmly.

They are made out of what looks like that Bakerlite plastic with a composite back ( looks like circuit board material)

Part number is - 001909001 ordered them from Summit Racing and there number is HLA-001909001 they cost $5.46 each

Pic's of the plug below:



Side view showing thickness:

May install one tomorrow, will review them after
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