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I only had a problem with my auto hubs once. I had opposite corners up on high spots, so the suspension was fully twisted. And I was rocking back and forth trying to get enough traction to get free. That rocking caused one hub to buzz, like grinding gears. It seemed to work fine after that, once I gave it a chance to lock up more gently, they lock when the axle turns and the wheel doesn't. So there's a little lag as they have to take up that slack. So it's possible they'll skip instead of locking if you give them a quick bump like I was doing.
I did get a set of manual hubs soon after that tho, so I don't know how much I messed em up.

I've read they can get jammed up when the grease in them dries up. They work fine for mild stuff, getting through a little snow or something, but if you can upgrade I'd say do it.
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