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Default rear disc brake brackets

Parts Needed:

Rotors, calipers, pads, and lines: 1989-1993 Isuzu amigo, 1988-1991 Isuzu Trooper, 1988-1995 Isuzu Pickup


1. Remove Wheels
2. Remove drums
3. Remove parking brake cables
4. Remove brake lines from wheel cylinders
5. Remove 4 nuts behind backing plate assembly
6. Remove axle assembly (be sure to keep track of preload shims)
7. Remove the 4 studs (be sure no to damage the threads as you are going to re-use these)
8. The backing plate should be able to slide off the bearing housing to give you a better angle at your next step.
9. Remove backing plate. You have two ways of doing this. You can either have a machine shop remove the bearing assembly the “book” way or you can cut the backing plate off. If you choose the later be sure to protect the bearing assembly from the metal shavings you will create during the procedure.
10. Install the studs back in the bearing housing
11. Install axle back into axle tube with bearing spacer shims
12. Place caliper mounting bracket on the back side of the axle tube with the caliper position toward the rear of the vehicle and replace nuts removed in step 5
13. Slide rotor over axle
14. Install caliper mounting bracket using supplied spacers
15. Install calipers and pads
16. Install Isuzu rubber brake lines with banjo bolts and connect other end to existing hard lines

Resized to 66% (was 1023 x 680) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 66% (was 1024 x 766) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 66% (was 1024 x 766) - Click image to enlarge

These come with the caliper mounting hardware, and they are painted. The set sells for $150 shipped in the US.

The stock e-brake cable will have to be lengthened, but these calipers do have a built in e-brake lever.

These will work on all H190 axles, been making these for Datsuns for years, and have just figured out what it will take for them to work on the hardbodies, just had to lengthen the spacers.

I will be working on a vented dual piston setup for the rear soon.

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