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Default Rear mount KA-T??

Hey guys, I just had an epiphany... rear/remote mount turbo setup for my d21?
has anyone here done such a task, not just on Ka's but on any build? I don't mind boost lag because I want a daily that wont spool till 3-3.5k anyways.
If anyone here has any thoughts, please feel free to comment and let me know your concerns or tips.

The way I see it- No hot engine bay, no expensive turbo manifold, easy sneaky install, TONS of free real estate where the stock spare tire mount belongs.
Only issue that I may bump into would be the oil return pump setup... I'm thinking oil feed in the oil pressure sensor, or sandwich plate, then return to the valve cover or to the pan via a scavenge pump and a 1 way valve...

Also, I recently started making YouTube videos so that you guys can follow the build of my truck and my 240sx block. should be somewhat entertaining
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