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That was good advice. Always change vacuum hoses one at a time. If you start pulling them all off, you WILL forget where they go properly. Ask me how I know this.

And when you change out these hoses, ditch those cheap factory clamps and buy yourself a boatload of shiny chrome modern hose clamps. Work better and always look nice. Buy your hoses right off the stock rolls at the parts store. Don't order OEM replacements unless you have two wallets and one of them is stuffed full of cash. To make sure you buy the right sizes, pull one at a time and compare it to the rolls of hose at the parts store. Then buy the length you need of that particular size, plus a bit extra just in case.

Pull cap and rotor and replace. Pull spark plug wires and plugs. REPLACE. If the wires look quality and new, can leave them. If you replace, don't buy a cheap set.

If your starter is a problem, do NOT buy ANY STARTER REBUILT IN CHINA. Never, nada, not happening, and negatory. Get a rebuilt Hitachi or something rebuilt in the USA. Make sure it comes with a new pigtail connection already attached.

Change out air filter. Change out fuel filter. Change the oil and put in a quart of HyPerLube FIRST...fill balance with stock oil. Manual says 4.5 quarts on the four banger engine. Screw that. Add the quart of HyPerLube and then four more quarts of regular oil. A half quart over the stick never hurt a thing. Trust me on this.

If you want to get totally crazy, after you dump the old oil out, pull your valve cover and do a new gasket. Then pull your oil pan and do the same. THEN add your new oil and filter. What is HyPerLube? See picture below. Most parts stores carry it. It works. Also a picture of the gasket sealer you should use on both gaskets. Old fashioned, but using it you will never get a leak thereafter in that spot. All of these things are the policy I used when I owned the truck you see in the picture. When I sold it, it had absolutely zero issues, 132K miles, and ran like new.


2009 Xterra, 4.0 liter, automatic, 4WD. Need a technical manual? Drop me a message. Chilton's for amateurs.

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