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A little update for you guys stemming from recent events:

Using PayPal The Correct Way:

I recommend everyone use paypal or another secure sservice for making online payments to other people. But there are some do's and don'ts when it comes to these services.

Use the service as intended.
If you are buying merchandise, make sure you click the merchandise box. In the details you might even want to include what you are buying, and where to ship it too. This information is vital if you ever have to file a claim.

Mark a payment as a gift to try and work around the fees.
Did you know that marking a payment as a gift forfeits all of your rights for filing a claim and getting your money back if the other party does not ship the item? Did you know that marking a payment as a gift only works around the fees if they use the money from a paypal balance? They still get hit with the fees if they try to transfer the money to their bank account.

So please people, use your head. If someone urges you to mark a payment as a gift, think about what they might be setting you up for. If you want to be nice, send the payment the correct way, and add a little extra to cover the fees. That way you are still covered, and both parties are happy.
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