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Originally Posted by 89'HBV6 View Post
SBJ... just my take, but I'd rather "waste my time" researching locally and dealing locally, instead of "doing my homework" on a part that may or may not work. Still a crap-shoot when buying online. Even with massive "research", there's still a bunch of "unknowns", including counterfeits. To many "unknowns" for me, sorry man.

Please understand my POV... it's more ol'school, I've done it this way for decades and it has a better success rate, IMPO. YMMV...
That's fair, I 100% get where you're coming from. I also think it's important to have a good relationship with the parts store, and I'm lucky enough to live near one that is very well-managed and well stocked. They've saved me money more than a few times and I am happy to give them my business if their price is within a few bucks of RA + shipping or I need it right away. Often times when I am sourcing parts I will buy things from them that wouldn't be practical to pay shipping on. By "doing homework" I mean figuring out who makes the OE part for something and buying it from them instead of going to the dealership. Or if it's an older part that has been discontinued and superseded by a newer one, figuring out which one it is and which other parts would interchange. None of this is exclusive to buying online, either. For example, you could go to the parts store and buy a Hitachi water pump for your truck, and the only difference between it and one you'd buy at the dealership would be the missing Nissan emblem.

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