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Well, I was gone all weekend, and had about 2 hours of light yesterday, after work. I had the same today.

This thing is a beastie to work on. It just took me about 30 minutes to get one bolt in on the AC belt idler pulley. The others went right in. The problem is that it is up against the fender. There is not enough room to use a 1/4 ratchet on it...not enough room to go on.

What I was concerned about is the front cam is about 1/2 a tooth/cog advanced off the mark AND, you can't set it to line up w/the mark. It was retarded, by quite a bit, when I took it apart.

So, it is purring like a kitten now. I haven't driven it yet. I have wasps in the radiator. I don't know how they got in there. Maybe I left the cap off and they got in, or they were in the antifreeze...I can see 2 of em floating in there. I am not gonna worry about it.

Tomorrow, I'll get the under-carriage plastic back on and the wheel...that reminds me....I have a caliper to install.

I set the timing. The dizzy is oriented way dif in the slot.

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