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Default 3.0 V6 pvc hose

I am working on my Quest mini-van. It has the 3.0 V-6, very similar to one the D-21 has. I am changing the timing-belt. There is a by bypass hose that goes from the WP to the top Rad hose...anybody had trouble w/dat? Twas a beastie to get the clamps off of. Azone has it for 14 problem there. I am not putting those spring clamps back on, you betcha.

There is a 1/2', or so pvc hose, it comes from the valve cover, and makes a 90deg. turn, right over the cover. It has about a 3" hose w.the 90 deg turn on the top. That tells me that if you replace it w/regular hose, it will kink. Anybody ever found one of these anywhere? Rockauto and Azone don't have it.

BTW, I didn't find this anywhere...but the crank nut comes off w/a 1 1/8" 6 point socket.
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