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You should have the steering gear checked for excessive play.

The internal worm gear will start to wear away and cause a lot of looseness that you are describing. Basically, the gaps between the worm gear and the steering become larger as it wears away causing the excessive lash in the steering. The steering gear multiplies the steering input that you create when turning the steering wheel so that you don’t have to work as hard when making turns. The steering gear is directly proportional to the steering linkage.

I replaced my steering gear earlier this year and went with a fully rebuilt unit from Rock Auto. I chose the LARES unit and sent mine to them as a core exchange. I marked my steering wheel column at the joints and with the wheels in the straight ahead position, I removed my unit. I later installed the “new” unit and couldn’t be happier! I also changed out the “rag joint”(round buffer disk) while I was in there due to 2 of the bolt holes being torn through(steering column damper).
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