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Default 1988 z24i ignition modules overheating

The truck had a bunch of new parts thrown at it, starter, alternator, fuel filter, cap, rotor, plug wires, both coils, both ignition modules. This was all before I bought it. Orileys warrantied me a new set of modules and upon plugging them in and starting the truck it ran for about 40 seconds and quit. I look at the intake side module and it has a crack with smoke pouring out, too hot to touch. Suspecting a bad orileys coil and bad grounds, I ordered new coils and modules from rockauto and grounded the crap out of everything, checked codes on ecu(nothing), and no fuses are blown. They don't get hot if the key is on and they are unplugged from the coil. The truck just cranks if only one is plugged in. The rockauto stuff still heats up, but with aluminium foil behind them as a heat sink it'll run for 3 or so minutes before getting too hot. I had to build my own bracket to mount the coils and modules on, the original location was too rusted, but its all still grounded, I test everything with a voltmeter. I've done a bunch of research and can't really find anything, all that's left to replace is the ecu and wiring harness or convert this to another ignition system. Anyone have this problem or knowledge of how this ignition system is wired up? I'm also curious if the distributor has a stock ground location, and if the ecu is what sends power to these things. This truck is so cool but man these are expensive to replace. They have fins to dissipate heat but not this much heat. Napz is quite the interesting motor. Thanks in advance for any help
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