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Manual tansmission.

Re reading that, i was thinking it wouldnt be enough info, haha. It seemed like a lot going on, so ill try to describe it best i can. It seemed to be mostly increase in noise, like maybe rattling. Had the clutch in i believe when it died, possible i didnt. Because it stopped immediately. I took video of the clutch actuator and the line that goes to it, working both the clutch and brakes at the same time. Clutch actuator is working and didnt notice any additional oil from the line. I did however notice that some of the axle bolts were loose and two were missing on the left side. Got em all tightened back up.
Oh and, dont think this would matter, the back side of the carrier (the insert with the cap) is no longer connected. Something i wasnt happy with after the swap and wanted to get it replaced by a shop to make sure everything with it was good. Had a strong feeling at the time that he took my new part and just hammered it to the back.
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