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Guadaluup 06-10-2021 10:52 PM

Clunk noise from flywheel
I recently replaced my starter and as soon as I start it up I hear a loud clunk from the flywheel. Itís even louder when I press the clutch in. I never had this issue with the old starter.

2.4 ka

DAZE752 06-11-2021 12:21 AM

Was your starter new or remanufactured?
My guess bad replacement.
Coincidence that your throw out bearing went out?

Reserector 06-11-2021 05:44 PM

Wrong type of starter? There are several starters for these trucks depending on engine, transmission, 2wd or 4x4, etc. Some will fit somewhat, but will not engage properly, or will jam against the bell housing or flywheel.

Make a very careful comparison to the one that you removed. Something is likely to be different.

Cusser 06-12-2021 02:09 PM

I also think that this is related to what was just done - the starter.

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