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MacGyver 10-12-2021 03:45 AM

The rig….
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There’s always something to do to these trucks…
Improvements so far:

2” lowering blocks in the rear and reset torsion bars
Central locking system
Turbo TD27 diesel running 20lbs boost
EGT gauge
Straight pipe, no muffler after cab exiting out the side behind rear wheel
Full sound system with component speakers, sub, amp etc…. All hidden
Intermittent adjustable wipers
Tonneau cover
Fibreglass hard lid
Reverse camera

Still to do:

Engine swap (VK45, QD32T, BD30T, SR20DET) undecided yet
6 speed gearbox (5 speed currently)
Front mount intercooler
New wheels
Rear bumper delete
Power mirrors
Upgrade sounds
New bonnet ( EU spec with factory integrated scoop )
Power rear window conversion that slides down

alabama_lowlife 10-12-2021 11:07 AM

Go for the VK45!

dvdswan 10-12-2021 02:07 PM


MacGyver 10-21-2021 09:57 AM

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Roll pan I whipped up today…

89'HBV6 10-21-2021 05:14 PM

Roll pan? Don't know the term, NZ style. Please explain...

Reserector 10-21-2021 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by 89'HBV6 (Post 554398)
Roll pan? Don't know the term, NZ style. Please explain...

It's like a valance, but in the back where the bumper normally goes.

Looks pretty smooth.
You cover doesn't use the stock bed hooks?

89'HBV6 10-21-2021 05:27 PM

Where his tag is, gotcha...

suspected, didn't know...

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