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david29 05-12-2016 01:16 AM

Where did you get the radiator at? Does it drop right in like a factory unit? How many rows is it?

OnAir88 05-12-2016 01:42 AM

eBay. And it was a direct bolt in and it's a 2 row.

OnAir88 05-12-2016 01:08 PM

Fack! It's $176 for a remanned booster!

OnAir88 05-13-2016 12:58 AM

So the guy that gave me my seat belts, had a booster he thinks is good off a 96 hardbody. So after Nissan tech school I'll be painting it silver and installing it and seeing if it fixes the problem.

david29 05-13-2016 03:51 AM


Originally Posted by OnAir88 (Post 456292)
eBay. And it was a direct bolt in and it's a 2 row.

Link to seller as this is a full blown aluminum radiator, it will work on my V-8 swap.

OnAir88 05-13-2016 10:11 AM

Just type in eBay. Nissan d21 radiator and scroll till you find it.

PoisedRunt 05-13-2016 01:39 PM

OnAir88 05-13-2016 07:09 PM

Yeah what that guy did. My app won't do that..

Put the new used booster in and now when I let off the pedal it has a hesitation. Fml.

estetic 05-13-2016 08:27 PM

Off topic - That radiator on a v8 swap is going to be hard to package decent cooling around, you really want a shrouded puller fan as opposed to front mounted pushers for a daily driver, especially in TX.

I am using a 1st gen camaro unit - have it all but butted against the grill and just enough room for my shroud and offset 16" volvo fan (2 speed w/ a max of 3500 CFM). Only issue is height / hood latch interference, probably going to need to run hood pins unfortunately

Back on topic... TRUCK LOOKS GREAT! Congrats on getting it rolling.

OnAir88 05-13-2016 09:42 PM

Thanks estetic. But since the booster is crapped, it's parked again till david29's gets here.

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