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fitterhappier 02-17-2020 12:53 PM

Moved to the desert, need better tires
Hi all. One thing has led to another and I find myself starting a new life in the desert, meaning many dirt roads, rocky roads. I have a 1995 Nissan pickup extended cab 2wd v6, and I believe my tire size is 215/75r14. Just got new Hankook Óptimo 724 tires back in August, but I’m afraid they’re not going to hold up to this challenging terrain. What are my options if I don’t want to mess with getting new rims? Will these tires work? All the tire terminology throws me for a loop.

Thanks for your help.

VOTS95 02-17-2020 06:19 PM

I just bought a truck with these tires but they're 31x10.5x15's. I took a quick ride on a trail near my home to listen for any unusual suspension noises and the tires were fine. The trail is a mixture of dirt, sand and granite rock. I'm not sure where you're at but I'd also consider increasing your ground clearance if you plan on driving over rocks.

I buy my tires from Discount Tire or Tire Rack, their websites will let you to compare tire brands, sizes and type.


cadillacdude1975 02-19-2020 08:39 AM

My brother has one of the full size RAM 4wd trucks. He has a set of BF Goodrich all terrain tires and he loves them. The truck kept destroying goodyears.

Silvershield62 06-11-2021 03:12 PM

Nitto Ridge Grappler tires are also a good option.

Deerhurst 06-11-2021 04:46 PM

What exactly is the terrain? Gravel? Lose rock/shale? Hard rock, hard pack dirt?

Reserector 06-11-2021 05:29 PM

Looks like the Hankook Óptimo 724 are a pure street tire. If you are going to be running on dirt roads with embedded rocks and occasional sand, you should consider an all-terrain tire (A/T).

The pros: Improved traction on loose surfaces. Stronger sidewalls that resist rock damage.
The cons: Heavier, slightly noisier, less comfort.
If you encounter soft sand often, you may need to look at mud terrain (M/T) tires, but must of my desert friends run B.F. Goodrich A/Ts.

89'HBV6 06-11-2021 08:20 PM

Guys, this is a 16 month old thread and the OP has not been back since the orig post. Just an FYI...

But, carry on...

Deerhurst 06-11-2021 10:07 PM


Originally Posted by 89'HBV6 (Post 550165)
Guys, this is a 16 month old thread and the OP has not been back since the orig post. Just an FYI...

But, carry on...

Derp. Didn't even look.

Reserector 06-11-2021 10:09 PM

Reserector 06-11-2021 10:16 PM

And to the OP, I think you should go with Boggers. Cut out every other lug, staggering from side to side. Run them at around 10 or 11 psi.

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