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OnAir88 09-29-2013 12:16 AM

Radio wiring
Does anyone know what wires are what? Bc I tried hooking them up and the radio won't power.. The truck came with no radio installed.

Skittle 09-29-2013 01:07 AM

1995-1997 Stereo Wiring:

Constant 12V+ (Pink)
Switched 12V+ (Blue)
Ground (Gray)
Illumination (Red/Blue)
Dimmer (Red/Yellow)
Antenna (Right Front)
Front Speakers (4" x 6" Doors)
Left Front+ (Pink)
Left Front- (Blue)
Right Front+ (White)
Right Front- (Black)
Rear Speakers (6-1/2" Side Panels)
Left Rear+ (Light Green)
Left Rear- (Purple)
Right Rear+ (Blue)
Right Rear- (Pink)

Hope that answers your questions my friend!

OnAir88 09-29-2013 01:19 AM

Shit.. It's a 1988..

Skittle 09-29-2013 03:54 AM

1988 Nissan Hardbody Truck Car Stereo Wiring:

Constant 12v+ Wire: Red/Green
Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Green/White
Ground Wire: Chassis
Illumination Wire: Pink/Green
Dimmer Wire: N/A
Antenna Trigger Wire: N/A
Amp Trigger Wire: N/A
Amplifier Location: N/A
Front Speakers Size: 4″ x 6″ Speakers
Front Speakers Location: Doors
Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown/White
Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown/Blue
Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown/White
Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Black/Red
Rear Speakers Size: 6 1/2″ Speakers
Rear Speakers Location: Rear Corners
Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Red
Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Green
Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Blue
Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Pink


OnAir88 09-29-2013 10:25 AM

Which on is chassis ground? Bc there's a black/red dot, black/pink, black/white..
Then I pulled door speakers.. The wires were black/red dot and black/white.. On both sides.
This was at the doors.
And there is no pink/green.. A pink/blue and black/pink.

cadillacdude1975 09-29-2013 02:47 PM

as far as i know, there were 2 connectors for the radios. it depended on if you had the premium sound system with the rear speakers and optional factory installed sub. when i DC'ed my factory one, i ordered the spacer kit and it came with the wiring harness that you wire to the radio. it also had the optional connection for the rear channels if you wanted to run the wiring and install the speakers at a later date.

all the hardbodies should be the same as there is only one wiring kit for them.

OnAir88 09-29-2013 04:01 PM

Well the radio acts like it doesn't have power like my last one.. So I guess I'll have to wire it like my last truck.

Skittle 09-29-2013 05:23 PM


uno's_hb 09-29-2013 05:48 PM

For mine I used a self tapping screw to attach the ground from the radio to the frame in the dash.

OnAir88 09-29-2013 06:12 PM

Thank you guys.. Maybe I'll work on it later, so got it to where I can drag without rubbing rear tires!

Rebelwork 02-07-2021 10:13 PM

So is the wire coloring for 1995 nissan d21 accurate by Skittle.

89'HBV6 02-08-2021 01:25 AM

No clue..... but he's not been here, since you started! Maybe someone else can answer.

Thinking about it..... you got a meter? Check the power leads. You should be able to figure it out. DC and GROUND are all that's needed to power on the unit. Checking speakers, after this, is easy. :cool:

Deerhurst 02-08-2021 01:35 AM

Best bet is to get out a meter and start probing things.

ahardb0dy 02-08-2021 03:50 PM

Wire colors posted by Skittle are not correct, first there is NO ground in the stock harness. Colors below are taken from the factory service manual.

Switched power ( on all the time) is green with white stripe
Constant power (on with the key) is red with green stripe

Left door speaker positive is Brown with White strip
Left door speaker negative is brown

Right door speaker positive is black with white stripe
Right door speaker negative is black

Remember , there is NO ground in the stock harness, ground radio to metal near the radio, do not rely on the antenna to make a ground

As was said already if your not sure, all you need is a test light, find the constant and switched power wires, than when you remove the existing speakers you will see what color the wires are, or you can run new speaker wires. If you buy a harness ( if your stock plugs are still there), you can just match up the colors to the aftermarket radio if you are installing one.

Illumination shows 2 wires in the service manual not sure why there is 2, one is pink with blue stripe, the other is Pink with black stripe

Rebelwork 02-08-2021 04:01 PM

Whoever bought the truck new put a stereo system in with a amp and cut the harness. When the truck got wrecked he must have put another radio in and sold it.I got tge truck 17 years ago and threw a cd in it but without switched power. I'm tired of not having presets. Plus he originally had it hooked to the cigarette lighter and each time you hit the lighter with the stereo on it blew the fuse.

ahardb0dy 02-08-2021 04:04 PM

If you do not have, or can not find a switched power wire near the radio it is easy to add one using a fuse tap at the fuse box and just run a wire over to the radio.

Rebelwork 02-08-2021 07:41 PM

According to a hard body I've wired it. He has constant and switched hook to switched. I hooked them up correctly yet I don't have constant. I programed radio station, turned ogpf , removed key reinsert and turn on and have lost the preset.

Rebelwork 02-08-2021 07:47 PM

So we had a switched and constant tied together going to a switch wire. Now I have separated switched and constant and yet constant doesn't work.

ahardb0dy 02-08-2021 08:04 PM

Run a new constant wire to a fuse, or just to test, run the constant from the radio to the battery than program stations and shut the truck off, make sure it's a wiring issue and not a radio issue.

I had a radio in one of my Nissan's run to fuse taps both constant and switched for a while due to getting noise, no problems doing it that way, just use a fuse that doesn't have a big load on it.

Rebelwork 02-08-2021 08:38 PM

The radio has the wiring identification on top of the radio.

Red---- switched
Yellow---- battery

I ran yellow direct to battery and didn't keep the pre sets...

Rebelwork 02-08-2021 08:45 PM

Why the constant wouldn't hold the presets has got me

ahardb0dy 02-09-2021 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Rebelwork (Post 545226)
The radio has the wiring identification on top of the radio.

Red---- switched
Yellow---- battery

I ran yellow direct to battery and didn't keep the pre sets...

so it's the radio that has a problem than.

Rebelwork 02-09-2021 02:09 PM

He had both powers together. Separated the constants not working.

Running the constant power and getting nothing tells me to look for a new radio..

You vpcan tell the radio has been spliced several times. Today I will eliminate al, the splices and make it easier on the next radio.

Rebelwork 02-09-2021 06:30 PM

While looking at the cluster of wiring I could see that he the radio has been installed a few times from the multiple connections and decided to elimitate and extend the wires for the next radio.

I found when cutting the multi connection piece out and replacing it with one wire made the switched connection start working. Even though the connections all felt secure, one obviously wasnt.

Also noticed the left speaker worked for a second, but stopped again.

I'll wait on the left speaker for a better day, but the switched part is now working. I was 0-2, now I'm 1-2...

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