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PoBoi850 10-22-2021 07:01 PM

Interchangeable Head Units
As of Now I have NOTHING in the way of stereo system. Most of the connectors have been cut. I have a newer style ('97 MY) stereo harness that I plan on splicing back into my '87. My question is: Does anybody know what 'other' head units, from possibly other Nissans, that will just plug right into this harness?:plot:

Deerhurst 10-22-2021 07:51 PM

Any aftermarket head unit with the proper harness will just plug right in. Certain brands tend to use the same plugs through generations.

Never cut the harness on the truck. Ever. On pain of being married to Hillary Clinton.

For any head unit just get the harness pigtail and solder it to the pigtail that comes with the head unit and clip it all together. Only other piece is the universal dash kit that only needs to be removed when going back to stock.

The 97 head unit is a different shape than 87. I would not gurantee it will bolt in.

FeintMind 10-23-2021 05:27 AM

I'd offer to look up the wiring diagrams on Alldata, but honestly from what I've seen in recent days of trying to look shit up for my 91, its a pretty bare bones list. try to find a PDF of a haynes or chilton manual online. if you look hard enough you'll probably find one for free. and just search all of the forums (this one, obviously, but also other nissan forums. I've been on NICO since before i even had my license, and it was full of great info, course back then it was for S13's, which i think is (or at least was) it's bread and butter, but still. Theyre good people. or at least were. like i said, its been years. and the new generation are mostly shitheads, so who knows.

Deerhurst 10-23-2021 01:54 PM

The FSM is free sand will have the pin out.

PoBoi850 10-25-2021 12:43 PM

I'm not worried about fitting in the dash. I was wanting to know if all Nissans had the same plug as a D21. Like will an Altima CD player from 1997 have the same plug as a 97 D21. I get that it may not fit. I plan on doing a full custom dash and center console. Cutting and welding to get things placed where I need them. I have no AC controls and can move or remove whatever I need to.

PoBoi850 10-25-2021 01:21 PM

The color code is the same for the 87 and the 97,but the plug is different. I wonder what other factory Nissan head units will plug into the 97 harness I have.

Deerhurst 10-25-2021 04:52 PM

IMHO, if you will be going through the effort of a full center is just put the head unit I really want in it and do a proper adapter harness instead of trying to stay with a stock one.

PoBoi850 10-25-2021 05:00 PM

From time to time, my Pnp will have a sale - All radios $15. I plan on snagging the best cd player I can find out of something that is compatible with what I have. I've seen some real nice units go for $15. Even the newer style where the radio/Bluetooth unit takes up the whole center of the dash - $15. I respect your opinion, but I'm going to keep looking. The last thing I want in here is an expensive stereo system. If I can get it cheap and customize my truck at the same time, win, win.

PoBoi850 10-25-2021 06:27 PM

I have been cross referencing part numbers ( Metra #mpn1521248 ) and it seems that the D21 and the Maxima,240SX, and quite a few Nissan models take the same universal adapter, so units should be interchangeable. Even as far up as the 2007 Infinite FX35 use the same adapter as the 97 D21. As far as I can tell, 2007 is the cut off year for this particular plug. So next trip to the JY will involve me comparing stereo plugs. LOL

Scrappy 10-26-2021 12:24 PM

i feel like none of the factory radios are worth the effort. buy aftermarket, you will get bluetooth and hands free calling for minimal amount of cash

PoBoi850 11-09-2021 08:48 PM

2 Attachment(s)
FYI, I thought I would add some pics of my Dash, as it is right now, to give you all an understanding of what I'm working with.

Attachment 4948

Attachment 4949

Deerhurst 11-09-2021 08:52 PM

I still say aftermarket will be cheapest and easiest even if you have to run every wire yourself. Head unit, dash kit and wiring harness adapter and done.

PoBoi850 11-09-2021 08:58 PM

If I get a Nissan HU I can skip the harness adapter and dash kit.
Right now my PnP is having a $10 stereo sale and speakers $5 each. I think I'll go check thing out tomorrow, to see what's available and report back soon.

street_rulerr 11-09-2021 09:31 PM

i tried to do this. after 97 they changed all the radios to a different plug and i think after 95 in the pathy too.

i wanted a factory looking cd changeer cause im old AF. turns out it wasnt worth de-pinning everything an repinning it so i left my JVC in. *shrug*

remember nissan uses a screw-on bracket on each side. not like a honda where it uses that cage where you bend the tabs and it acts as a sleeve for the receiver.

Deerhurst 11-09-2021 10:31 PM

Square dash so if expect 86.5-92 to work and fit without a dash kit.

PoBoi850 11-12-2021 06:12 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Here is an idea of what I'm lookin at doing.
Below is a pic of My Corolla Bezel
Attachment 4951
This is MY D21
Attachment 4953
This is the old Bezel from my "Rolla, and what I plan on doing with it. the top if the bezel fits inside of the Nissan with a small ( 1/16th" ) gap all the way around.
Attachment 4952
IDK what I'm going to do with the existing holes in the Yota bezel, but I'm sure a Dremel will be involved.

EDIT : I also have a HU from a Scion TC ( same basic shape of the one pictured in the 1st pic, but different face)that I'm thinking of splicing into the stock Nissan Stereo harness. I already have the wiring color coded to match The Yota to the Nissan.
SCion TC CD player
Attachment 4954

Philbert 03-29-2022 01:43 PM

I got this stereo from Amazon, it has modern features but a nice old school clean look. No extraneous bells and whistles.

PoBoi850 03-29-2022 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by Philbert (Post 558777)
I got this stereo from Amazon, it has modern features but a nice old school clean look. No extraneous bells and whistles.

I like the looks of that Unit. But I want CD capabilities too

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