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louielace69 09-13-2021 01:40 AM

Custom Gauges
There is a dude in Mexico that makes custom gauges and I was wondering if anyone on here made them as well? They look pretty dope and I would love to upgrade
Thanks All

cadillacdude1975 09-13-2021 02:28 PM

If it is the guy i saw, he makes the plastic pieces that are under the needles. You have to disassemble your cluster to replace those parts.

louielace69 09-13-2021 09:01 PM

That’s fine, it’ll be like the old APC gauges
They’re dope

cadillacdude1975 09-16-2021 01:37 AM

I posted a question in one his ads. Never got an answer.

louielace69 11-10-2021 08:53 PM

Is anyone here that artistic lol
I'm sure we'll make it worth their while

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