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Resetg 05-16-2021 06:34 AM

98 2.4L tune up n maintance questions
Feel free to call me out! Done a bit of searching but its SOOOO much easier to ask for everyone elses thoughts and opinions who've already gone through it and or have done the research.

Just got my 98....she has 88k original miles....I'm assuming all orginal plugs wires filters etc......So with that first thing I'm doing is going through all the suspension and steering and doing basic maintance.

With that I'm planing on flushing all the fluids, plugs, wires, cap n rotor etc. I'm leaning towards the polished weapon r intake as well. And potentially doing the fan delete and adding some 12v spal fans. Does anyone actually make a all in one fan delete kit for these things?

I'm thinking NGX Iridium plugs (put em in my last 4 or 5 vehicles) and wires. But I don't know if I missed it or not but they do not list a cap n rotor. Also on a side note I noticed MSD does not list any parts for the vehicle.

Is there anything else I should be weary of or look for while doing maintance. Like common problems etc? Heard a few rumors about vacuum issues with this engine. Also I'd like to hear others thoughts and opinions on what products they might prefer over another. I'm not scared to spend money or do the maintance. I just want to make sure I get the best possible parts available even if I have to pay a premium for em!

Thanks in advance!!!!@

ahardb0dy 05-16-2021 12:35 PM

NGK or OEM plug wires, I would replace all the vacuum lines, the truck is getting old and rubber doesn't last forever, a small crack can cause issues. Just replace one at a time.

You probably won't find much in terms of performance options, especially from MSD.

The Intake, better off staying stock compared to pulling hot under hood air into the engine.

Would just do the normal maintenance items, I always replace pretty much everything when buying a used vehicle, if you don't know when it was replaced last than probably good to replace it.

I like Beck Arnley products for things like the Cap and Rotor but if you can't find them or a particular brand you like I would just use OEM parts.

Not a fan of the electric cooling fan swaps personally, had a problem years ago in my former 87 Hardbody where the sensor failed and the fan never came on, a good proper functioning fan clutch is all you really need.

Don't forget the fuel filter as well.

Cusser 05-16-2021 02:25 PM

We got our 1998 back in 2004 with 100K on it, and no history. I directed my 16-year old daughter on changing the fluid and filters, including the gear oil in the 5-speed and in the differential. This now has 256K on it, and runs great. The stock cooling system and the AC work great, even in Arizona summer, so I'd stay with stock fan/fan clutch.

Check the 3 belts, and save those for emergency use if you buy new (recommend Gates, Gatorback, or Nissan belts only). I'm on the original distributor, cap, rotor too.

My 2004 Frontier is also 4-cylinder, 5-speed with 106K miles, and gets similar care.

Resetg 05-16-2021 02:30 PM

Thanks! I didn't mention the fuel filter as that was a given to me. I will deff look around for the Beck Arnley cap.

I haven't gotten to deep into looking under the hood but I thought these things had 2 different v belts......its actually 3.......gosh nabb it! Full flush for everything minus the diff for right now as I'm looking into doing the rear disc conversion and I'd do it then!

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