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Beowulf 11-27-2020 03:59 AM

79 620 king cab build
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New to the forum. Picked up this 620 that been sitting for 15 years in a garage. Looking to bring up to date and make a play toy out of it. Race truck inspired look I want to go for. Got it tore down and starting on rust repair, and pickup up pieces I want to use as I go.
Plans are updated front disc brakes, rear disc brake conversion, body mods. New bushings everywhere. Motor plans are up int the air. Have 2 L20b motors, friends want me to swap to v/8 so???? Be asking for input as I go, been a while since Iíve had a project. Attachment 4491

Attachment 4492

Attachment 4493

Attachment 4494

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nunya 11-27-2020 10:47 AM

Welcome, I look forward to following you restoration.

YEPEE 11-28-2020 09:26 PM

I like the 620's, looks like an L20B in the bed... keep the pics coming!

amdilligaf1 12-01-2020 04:50 AM

thanks for sharing, love the old 620s. the bed progress is great.

and YOU posted pictures ! I like you already, beowulf.

if not an L20 (my vote) or a V8, may i suggest a GM 4.3 V-6?

it is 3/4 of a 350 ci block. and 4L60Es and 5 speeds are easily found.

92-03 S-10 trucks and blazers are good donor vehicles.

pistons, rods, and such are all from a GM 350, it makes parts cheap and plentiful.

i have 3 GM 4.3s with over 200k on each, i've never had an engine related problem on these, and it's not as tight in the engine compartment.

my '93 S-10 blazer with the 4.3 is plenty fast.

YEPEE 01-15-2021 10:57 PM

Had a chance to work on your 620??

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