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XoXSciFiGuy 12-23-2020 11:14 AM

D.B. Cooper Festival in Washington State
EDITED on 02/17/2021: Date finalized to July 9-11.

All IN members are invited to next summer's two-day 'DB Cooper Festival' campout that is being held just north of Mount Rainier, and outside the borders of the National Park itself. The gravel road to the site can be negotiated by any two wheel drive car or truck.

Right now, the scheduled dates are Friday morning, July 9, 2021 until Sunday morning, July 11th.

We're trying to ensure this is a Covid-free festival, and one of the requirements is that you have had the two-shot series of any authorized Covid vaccine PRIOR to the campout. This requirement is already becoming popular with folks like Ticketmaster, some companies looking for employees, and a couple of airlines. Of course, no one knows how things will be going regarding the pandemic by then, but we're trying to encourage people to cooperate with us on this. Because of the damn pandemic, it is a fluid thing but we ARE trying as I said.

Rather than trying to explain everything about this festival, this two-day PARTY if you will next summer, it's better if you review the two pages at our website having to do with all of this. Frankly, it's more than I can explain in an internet post. Requests via our Contact Form there are arriving steadily, and these folks are placed on an email list where we send them updates roughly once a month via that your email address is not shared with the evil spammers or other people on the list.

Like I said, it's hard to explain. But the view is great, and it will be a lot of fun. Next year is the 50th anniversary of the only guy in US history who got away with a skyjacking, as well as escaping with $200,000 in twenty dollar bills he extorted out of Northwest Airlines. Here in the Great Northwest, he's damn near as popular as Bigfoot. :) The spot picked for this event is close to the size of a football field, has two dead-end spurs leading off it for a short distance for more private camping, and is about a 70-90 minute drive from either Seattle or Tacoma. From the main highway, it's about eight miles to the site up a pretty good Forest Service road. The site itself is one way in, same way out, so it will be private with no 'drive-throughs' by other people up there. Our permit from the Forest Service allows us to keep unwelcome folks from just driving into the site.

Have no illusions. There are a few scheduled events, but this is a party for sure. All details shown at the two pages below. Power sources, free BBQ, and flush toilet/shower tents for both men and women is provided. You can bring your truck camper, your camper van, or your smallish trailer or RV. (No trailers recommended over 19 feet, though.) For IN members, if you have any questions, you can email me privately at

I have also attached a couple of relevant pictures. The one with the map you can find out more about the location by going to Google Maps and searching on Greenwater, WA. We will be south of there, about three miles WEST of the Sun Top Lookout. And yes, we do have a group camping permit from the US Forest Service. It allows us up to 400 people, although about half that number will probably show up. The EXACT location is only given out to confirmed folks on the email list three weeks prior to the event, via a PDF you print up. However, if you request to join the Planning Committee for this one using our contact form, you will be told everything. That's because we need a couple of folks from the Puget Sound area to help haul in all the gear the day BEFORE the festival. A press release goes out about a week prior.

Anyway...everything you need to know is on the two pages below.

MAIN PAGE about the party.

The MORE FAQ's PAGE on the party.

Couple of pictures attached. One shows the general area of the festival/party/campout. The other is a 3-D image showing the view from the spot we selected to hold this event. (Ignore the text on the one image. It was a 3-D picture I sent to my friend Greg who picked the final spot. Told him he did good, and if he needed a camera I could provide one. Turned out he had a good camera, though.)

Study both webpages GOOD before you make any decisions. They are pretty detailed on what is planned. This is serious business and all the information provided is important. If you decide you even *may* want to attend (no rush, it's six months away still) then get on the email list using the Contact Form.

The text on the picture above was directed at the guy who actually SELECTED the spot where the event will be held, aka 'Greg the Techie Guy' at Adventure Books of Seattle. (Our small press is the one hosting this party.) I showed him the view from the campsite in 3-D, to tell him he picked a damn good place to do it. The view is better than the picture. NOTE: No one under the age of 21 will be allowed, because alcohol will be present and our permit does not cover anyone who is underage. And I shouldn't say this publicly, but if you want to do a little target shooting (it's allowed in the National Forest here) we will ask you to take that a safe distance from the festival site itself. At least a mile or more, up one of those Forest Service roads you see in the 3-D picture.

89'HBV6 12-23-2020 08:53 PM

Luv to make it, sometime.... but this is not the year, sad to say. Already have plans for that actual time-frame, but I'll file this in the grey matter for future dates. Need to get out and away, again soon, looks like fun!

WOW, that is quite the view! Hope to see a thread w/PICs on this event, once/after it's over......

Deerhurst 12-23-2020 10:42 PM

Me too, I'd like to join sometime but it'll be after everyone gets this virus shenanigans out of their minds and starts living life again.

Hope to see you again SiFi!

XoXSciFiGuy 12-24-2020 03:32 PM

Already have just over 100 people on the email update list. And it isn't even Christmas yet. Two newspapers want to do stories, but I told them it's still six months out.

Our Forest Service permit allows us up to 200 attendees. I have no idea how things will be going by April, but should be good, and both Costco and Amazon could award us medals. :thumb:

89'HBV6 12-24-2020 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by XoXSciFiGuy (Post 543455)

...and both Costco and Amazon could award us medals. :thumb:

??? For what? Please explain.............. :help:

XoXSciFiGuy 12-25-2020 09:57 AM


Originally Posted by 89'HBV6 (Post 543468)
??? For what? Please explain.............. :help:

The amount of money we've already spent at Amazon for some of the hardware needed for the festival. Costco comes later, since we're planning a free BBQ on Saturday night.

We had to buy a dual-fuel generator that we plan to run on propane, a combo PA/stereo/karaoke system with microphones, speakers, stuff to make a modest stage...etc etc etc.

It was a big shopping list. :) We figure it will take a minimum of three people (and their trucks) to haul all the gear and supplies to the site.

89'HBV6 12-25-2020 08:20 PM

K... didn't understand, thanks. Should think about taking out stock in those companies. lol

So, no committed attendees with a generator? I find this surprising. Oh well...

XoXSciFiGuy 12-27-2020 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by 89'HBV6 (Post 543511)
K... didn't understand, thanks. Should think about taking out stock in those companies. lol

So, no committed attendees with a generator? I find this surprising. Oh well...

The picture above shows the one we BOUGHT for the festival. I built a sound box for it and we're running it about 250 feet from the main site using propane only. It will provide all the power we need. With that long of extension cords to the power outlets, you lose maybe 10% of current, but this is well worth it not to listen to it. Wasn't very loud anyway...we tested it. Sound box made it so you couldn't hear it twenty feet away. This event has been in the planning for months.

EDIT: I understand. You were asking WHY we had to buy a generator and maybe why we couldn't find someone else's to I get it. Well, our household needed one anyway. Power goes out here from windstorms occasionally. And the little Coleman I had was really loud and only did 1,200 watts. Sold that one for a hundred bucks, so the NEW one...which was on a big sale anyway...only cost me $415 total. I couldn't say no to that deal.

89'HBV6 12-27-2020 10:48 PM

Win... Win... I get it.


XoXSciFiGuy 12-28-2020 08:47 AM

I don't know if you are much on camping in the National Forest, but you have an automatic invite to attend, since I see you are both FROM WA state and a member of IN.

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