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Default Z in a hardbody

After my 95 hardbody broke the timing belt I managed to track down an 84 Z engine with low miles for cheap. I had no idea what was different other than intakes and cams so I figured Id make a list to help someone out. Upper intakes are totally different, lower intakes are the same but have a different water neck that bolts on, fuel injectors are different but fuel rails are the same, exhaust manifolds are different, distributors are different shapes but could be interchanged with each other, ac compressor brackets are different, driver side valve covers are different the trucks and pathfinders have a indention in them so that the distributors can clear since the trucks are bigger( I found this out after I had already painted and installed my covers),the z engines do not have a water pump bypass since the radiator cap sits on the water neck, the z engines also have a coolant temp sensor that is in the head back behind the timing cover plate while the trucks is on the water neck, oil pan and oil sending units are also different the hardbody has a one wire while the z has 2. Thats all that Ive found to be different in my build and swap. Maybe this will be able to help someone in the future.
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Good stuff.
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