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Default Timing issue

I just did a head gasket on my truck and ended up having to take the timing cover off. I used a edge to keep the timing chain in place. After putting everything together, I fired it up and it ran like crap. Backfired a lot and was out of time. So I checked the time and re aligned the oil pump and it was perfect. The crankshaft mark was at 0, T.D.C, the mark on the back of the cam sprocket was lined up with the mark on the rail, the dowel hope was at 12 o clock, and the oil pump marks were aligned, the backwards D facing the front of the engine and the rotor facing plug I1. This helps and it ran, but itís severely advanced and had a miss, so I put in a different distributor and that seemed to help. Now itís just severely advanced and after turning the distributor itís still after the zero mark and wonít come close to 10 degrees. Any suggestions on what the fix could be? Itís a z24i from a 1988 d21. Iíll try and get some pictures posted for confirmation that Iím aligned. Thank you.
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